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Lucky Charms key chain 12k100-Assorted min.12

  • Lucky Charms in Western Culture
    Four-leaf clover,
    Rabbit's foot, carried as an amulet believed to bring good luck
    Horseshoe, a U-shaped item made of metal or of modern synthetic materials, nailed or glued to the hooves of horses and some other draught animals
    Charm bracelet, an item of jewelry worn around the wrist. It carries personal "charms": decorative pendants or trinkets which signify important things in the wearer's life
    Wishbone, a forked bone found in birds and thecodonts, formed by the fusion of the two clavicles. In birds, its function is the strengthening of the thoracic skeleton to withstand the rigors of flight
    Male Tortoiseshell Cat, describes a cat with a coat that is mottled, with patches of orange or cream and chocolate, black or blue.
    Maneki Neko, a plastic cat usually in the color of gold, white and black derived from Japan who waves it's left arm which brings good luck.
    Lucky Charms in Other Cultures[edit]
    Ashtamangala, a sacred suite of Eight Auspicious Signs endemic to a number of Dharmic Traditions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism
    Other Uses[edit]
    Lucky Charm, a song by The Apples in Stereo
    Lucky Charm, a song by The Isley Brothers
    Lucky Charm, a song by Kathy Mar
    Lucky Charm (song), a 1989 single by The Boys
    Lucky Charms (song), a composition by Steve Vai
    Lucky Charm (film)
    Lucky Charm (novel), the eighth book in the Beacon Street Girls series by Annie Bryant. It was released in 2006 by B*tween Productions, Inc.
    Lucky Charm (Care Bears episode)
    See also[edit]
    Good luck charm
    Luck, good or bad fortune in life caused by accident or chance, and attributed by some to reasons of faith or superstition, which happens beyond a person's control
    Amulets, a close cousin of the talisman, consists of any object intended to bring good luck and/or protection to its owner
    Touch pieces
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