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Dear Customer,

This item is included at our - "special offer", you can choose 11 different or similar designs, of the same model (size and shape), and we will not charge you for 1 of them, it is our gift to you!

This is a handmade by Etai Mager, Israeli artist that specializes in Judaica, you can view more of his beautiful work at his artist section.

Thank you for buying at Agam Judaica,
The Agam Judaica Team

Holiday bowl large 5697-(B-P-G)

  • The Jewish holidays observed by Jews[Note 1] during a year, also known as Jewish festivals, or, in transliterated Hebrew, Yamim Tovim (ימים טובים "Good Days", singular יום טוב Yom Tov, English /ˈjɔːm ˈtɔːv, joʊm ˈtoʊv/),[1] are taken from three sources: Biblicalmitzvot ("commandments"); rabbinic mandates; and the modern history of Israel.
    This information is taken from Wikipedia -
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