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This item is included at our - "special offer", you can choose 11 different or similar designs, of the same model (size and shape), and we will not charge you for 1 of them, it is our gift to you!

This is a handmade piece by Tchelete ve argaman, an Israeli artist that specializes in Judaica, you can view more of this artis’t beautiful work at the artist section.

Thank you for buying at Agam Judaica,
The Agam Judaica Team

Bukharan Kippah - 9901

  • Bukharan Jews, also Bukharian Jews or Bukhari Jews, (Persian: یهودی بخارایی‎ Yahūde-ye Bukhārāī ; Russian: Бухарские евреи Bukharskie evrei ; Hebrew: בוכרים‎ Bukharim ; Tajik and Bukhori Cyrillic: яҳудиёни бухороӣ[citation needed] Yahudiyoni bukhoroī (Bukharan Jews) or яҳудиёни Бухоро[citation needed] Yahudiyoni Bukhoro (Jews of Bukhara), Bukhori Hebrew Script: יהודיאני בוכאראי and יהודיאני בוכארי), also called the Binai Israel,[1] are Jews from Central Asia who historically spoke Bukhori, a dialect of the Tajik-Persian language. Their name comes from the former Central Asian Emirate of Bukhara, which once had a sizable Jewish community. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the great majority have emigrated to Israel or to the United States (especially Forest Hills, New York), while others have emigrated to Europe or Australia.[2]
    This information was taken from Wikipedia -
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