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This item is included at our - "special offer", you can choose 11 different or similar designs, of the same model (size and shape), and we will not charge you for 1 of them, it is our gift to you!

This is a handmade piece by Tchelete ve argaman, an Israeli artist that specializes in Judaica, you can view more of this artis’t beautiful work at the artist section.

Thank you for buying at Agam Judaica,
The Agam Judaica Team

Black kippah (Basic) 991514

  • A kippah, kippa, or kipa (/kɪˈpɑː/ ki-pah; Hebrew: כִּפָּה‎ or כִּיפָּה; plural: kippot כִּפוֹת or כִּיפּוֹת; meaning "dome"), also known as a yarmulke (Listeni/ˈjɑrməlkə/ yar-məl-kə or /ˈjɑːməkə/ yah-mə-kə from Yiddish: יאַרמולקע, in turn from Turkish: yağmurluk meaning "rainwear"), is a hemispherical cap, usually made of cloth, worn by Jews to fulfill the customary requirement held by some orthodox halachic authorities that the head be covered at all times. It is usually worn by men and, less frequently, by women (in Conservative and Reform communities) at times of prayer.
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